Cycling to infinity against childhood cancer

Three cyclists and a handbiker took part this August in a non-stop race through the Czech Republic called "Metroslav Marathon Experience".

It was more than ninety hours for a 2.222 kilometre adventure, all on the road. Teams could have up to eight members, which could include disabled cyclists: "A good opportunity to ride together and share the passion for cycling that we have in common," begins Jan Čentíš, one of the three people pulling the strings of a story that has a very special goal. 

On the route, each team has its "patron", in other words, a person or entity that will receive the funds generated during the event. 

Jan has run it a couple of times before, but he has colleagues who are running for the fifth time. The team is by no means a sure thing, nor is it fixed for next year. It doesn't matter," says Jan, "because it's the spirit that lives on. This year there were four cyclists plus a support team of two cars: "We came third, but the end is the main objective of the race". 

Here they ride for the "Pink Bubble" foundation. Its purpose is to improve the lives of children and young people stricken by cancer. 

The origin of this journey... 

Why "Pink Bubble"? 

Jan opens up: "It all started in September 2020, when my wife and I found out that my two-year-old son had leukaemia. It was a horrible shock, but seeing that the treatments have been working, we wanted to give back by being active in this kind of activity.

What could be better than to combine helping children with our passion for cycling? 

And so, Petr's name, the reason for his new purpose, is prominently displayed on the jersey, as a leading actor in this story that is going well for the moment: "After eleven months of chemotherapy, he has recovered," says his father. 

By the way, what is the name of the team? 

Introducing the "K4 no limit! & Swiss Life Select", a long-standing partnership with friends Radoslav Kvaček and Hana Hájková. The first is a cyclist and road captain, the other a key supporter of the team. 

Radoslav has also been the prescriber of Gobik to dress the team: "He knew the brand and its quality, so when we saw that it could be customised without any problem, we went for it and we are happy with the result, because we are talking about a long-distance race where the quality of clothing is put to the test". 

K4 is able to bring together different types of cyclists for a particular challenge, while Swiss Life Select is the major sponsor, as well as being the workplace of the three most prominent members. 

The support of the Swiss Life Group company directly supports the "Pink Bubble" foundation, which in turn improves conditions for children in the Czech Republic's main hospital, such as a better playroom for the children who have to spend so many days in hospital. 

His goal is far from yet being achieved yet... 

By El Cuaderno de Joan Seguidor